A WordPress theme with a Tumblr flavour
for group bloggers.

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Qone is a clean and minimalist WordPress theme which kind of looks like a tumblr blog. But for groups. With comments. And stuff. No, really, it is nice, you should give it a try.

Did I say it's free ? Well, it's free.

Dat features

Auto-fit images and videos

No big image or video ripping apart the layout, embed any size you want, the rest is taken care of.


Looking good on desktop, tablets and smartphones. Not tested on minitel.

Inline edit posts & comments

Because nobody want to go through the backoffice to add that missing Oxford comma on a post.

Show/hide comments

Read through posts like you're Flash or sit back and enjoy all the comments with a glass of wine. It's up to you.

Show/hide sidebar

Sidebar is where the stuff we sometimes need is. Sometimes. Let's not let this in the way.


This theme is elected as awesome by the Secret Society of Awesomeness. Word.

Theme previews

Instructions manual

Installing Qone is simple as 1 2 3 4.

  1. 1. Install WordPress Go there and download the thing : http://wordpress.org
  2. 2. Install P2 Theme Qone is a P2 child theme, so you need to download P2 to make it work.
    Go to http://p2theme.com, download the theme and put it in your WP install : your-website/wp-content/themes
  3. 3. Install Qone Download it and put it in the same folder as P2 : your-website/wp-content/themes
  4. 4. Activate it Go to wp-admin/themes.php and activate Qone. And voilĂ  !